About Us

Welcome to online home of the CCME, the Caribbean Centre for Marketing Excellence.

This site is designed to provide access to marketing consulting services, working marketing knowledge and marketing news for those working in the field of marketing in the Caribbean, either individually or in the context of a business or non-profit organization.  While our principal expertise is in marketing research, the CCME has also provided strategic planning services and training since 1998.

Despite its beauty, the Caribbean faces many economic problems, many of which are rooted in the unique history and geography of the region.   Even as the region tries to grow, it finds itself facing challenges having to do principally with finding its place in the  global economy.  Creativity, innovation, finance, governance and last but not least, marketing capabilities are some of the issues facing development of the region.  While  our primary interest is in the Marketing, we are mindful that Marketing does not and cannot exist in a vacuum. Therefore, as we develop this site, we will focus on bringing awareness and critical analysis of many of the crucial contextual issues facing the marketing of Caribbean companies –  from government policies to the failures and successes of individual organizations – and provide opportunities for you to feedback on our analysis.

If this is the first page on which you have landed,  we invite you to stay, have look around and let us know what you think.  This is still a work-in-progress- there is much more to come – so feel free to check back regularly for updates.  Better still, sign up to follow this site at the various points at which this option is offered.

Thank you for visiting the CCME online!