CCME Launches Consumer Research Agenda

The CCME has launched its consumer research agenda for the second half of 2017. Among the areas targeted for research this period are Food & Health, Housing & Construction and Youth Futures™. The first piece of research, a sample survey focus on the theme of packaged foods and health in Barbados.

The CCME recognizes that health is a very serious concern in our society today and, therefore, this research is designed to help manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders become aware of consumer opinion on key aspects of food content associated with current health problems in Barbados.

FHS 2017 will focus on prepared foods used by consumers on a daily basis and carried by supermarkets and other retailers. This version of the survey will also collect top-of-mind-awareness of the major brands in each category as well as attempt to map gaps in existing product offerings. The latter objective would be of particular interest not only to manufacturers and distributors but to entrepreneurs or investors looking for an opportunity or a niche market.

Companies can purchase the entire report when published or sections of it. Additionally companies can still request specific questions to be included in the survey before it is deployed on the planned date of Wednesday 26 July. Companies with an interest in this third option and who may require further details of the research, can submit EOIs to the CCME here. The survey is expected to end on 31 July and the report should be available by the end of the second week in August or sooner.

The CCME announcement is also good news for individuals who can avail themselves of the opportunity to register as a prospective participant. As noted elsewhere on our website, participants are paid for their opinion. However, only registered participants selected will have access to the survey. Individuals wishing to participate in this particular survey should therefore read the terms and conditions on this page.  At the end of this page is  a link to the participant registration form. Registration must be completed by Saturday 22 July. All other things being equal, the survey will begin on Wednesday 26 July. Sampled participants will be contacted on or before Monday 24 July.

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