Free Training Opportunity: Preparing to Start a Business

Preparing to Start a New Business is a free CCME online workshop which offers participants help in determining whether owning a business is a viable option for them as well as help with conceptualizing the business and the first steps in writing the business plan.  Most funding agencies now require a solid, written business plan.  The CCME believes that you should write your own business plan so that you have a sense of ownership and are familiar with what you want to do. No academic qualifications are required for this workshop but it would be desirable if participants had at least one year of working experience.

To be eligible for free access, interested persons must meet two conditions.  First they must be a member of the CCME’s Linkedin network. Second, they must meet at least ONE of the following conditions:

1. have shared at least one the CCME’s posts on their social media accounts

2. be a registered participant in the CCME’s Research Participant Database previously advertised.

Either of these conditions would have been met by 31-July-2017.   Interested persons who do not meet the above conditions but wish to participate can do so for the modest fee of US $25.   The maximum number of participants is 20 persons.

Details of workshop objectives, delivery, registration etc are available on request from the CCME here.  Expected start date is Monday 14 August, 2017.

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