Marketing for Entrepreneurs

The CCME today launched Marketing for Entrepreneurs, the first of its Entrepreneurial Support Courses (ESC).

The course was launched in response to aspiring entrepreneurs who have been looking for a “non-academic”, no-fluff course that can help them understand enough Marketing to make the big jump into owning their own business.

According to the CCME Director , “Aspiring entrepreneurs are becoming more conscious of the fact that there is more to Marketing than advertising, be it traditional or digital”.

 While there is ongoing “course work” there is no examination; participants will demonstrate what they have learned at the end by response to an entrepreneurial case study and by starting the write up of their own potential business plan if they are so inclined. 

A certificate of attendance is offered and the course has the added premium of free venture consulting for the first five registrants. 

Full details and access to the online registration form are available here

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