Terms and Conditions


The Opportunity

Businesses and other organizations including government are increasingly seeking the opinion of consumers and members of society to help them make better products, deliver a higher level of customer service or make better policy decisions.

One of the most efficient ways of collecting opinions is through online research surveys. We at the Caribbean Centre for Marketing Excellence have decided to use this modern technique and so we are inviting you to become part of this innovation.

We are seeking to build a database of persons from 17 to 65 years old, male and female, of all ethnic groups, from all Caribbean countries. To become a panel member you must have a computer or smart device with a valid email address and of course meet the age requirements!

Privacy Assured

You will be paid for your opinion and your personal details will not be disclosed to anyone, including the Government. Clients are not interested in the details of individuals such as your name and address; in fact, those details would not be very helpful to them. They are interested in aggregates, that is, how many or what percentage of persons of say, a certain age, have a particular opinion. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

How it works

1. You join the database by completing and submitting a registration questionnaire. ALL questions must be answered. You will need to obtain a Skype ID to complete the registration form.  You can obtain one here.

2. Once we are ready to conduct a survey we will draw a sample from this database and email those selected for participating in the questionnaire.

3. On some occasions, before you are emailed a questionnaire, you may be asked one or two qualifying questions to determine whether you fit the target audience for the survey.

4. Once you fit the description you will be emailed instructions for participation subject to quota restrictions and our first-come-first-served policy.

Recommendations Rewarded

You may also recommend persons to join the database. Each person you recommend and is validated earns you five $5.00. Payouts begin when you reach $50. It is that simple!. To recommend someone to the panel, however, you must be a valid member and must have participated in at least one research project such as a focus groups or an online survey.  


We believe that respondents should be paid for their honest opinion. The level of payment depends on the length of the questionnaire and the nature of the sponsorship of the research. Offline focus group payments range from $30 – $50. Such payments are made immediately in person after the focus group. In general, payments for questionnaires may range from $5 to $20 depending on the length and complexity of the questionnaire.  The level of compensation will be specified with the offer to participate in each specific survey.   On other occasions there may be prizes for which there will be a draw from among those participating in the survey.

As you would appreciate, it is rather time consuming and expensive to pay out small amounts of funds on a regular basis to a large group of persons. Therefore, one condition of participation in this database is that payments will not be made until your credits reach a minimum of $100 (focus groups excepted as explained above).  This includes credit for recommending potential participants as outlined before.

General Terms & Conditions

1. As a first condition you must answer all questions on the registration form truthfully. If any error is discovered it will result in your automatic exclusion form the database.

2. Once you are accepted into the database you will be required to keep us aware of any changes to your registration data. This data is critical in drawing appropriate samples.

3. The CCME reserves the right to remove any person from the database at its discretion.

4. As a panel member you are required to answer all survey questions accurately. If your answers are found to be inaccurate, your responses will be expunged from the survey and you will forfeit compensation for that specific survey. Any other credits you have will be paid to you.

Ready to Join?

We hope that you find this opportunity to participate in our research exciting. If you wish to join please complete our Participant Registration Form located here.