Training Philosophy

Some commentators have suggested that Marketing is dead. In our article The Death of Marketing : Case of False Identity (upcoming), we argue that Marketing is very much alive and suggest that the “synecdoche” of Marketing is dead.

There can be no doubt that some Marketing practices, in particular, mass media is becoming, less effective in today’s market, defined as it is, by social media and digital communications and all that that entails about reaching and connecting with customers. However, Marketing as a philosophy and a set of principles is definitely not dead. What is at issue, and therefore “dead” is the limited understanding many have of Marketing.

We at the CCME feel very strongly that appropriate Marketing education and training (E&T) is needed to address this perceptual issue. There is generation out there whose only knowledge of Marketing has been gleaned from the social media mavens and the digital gurus. That generation is too young to know of the bubble and more generally to distinguish between Marketing as a philosophy and set of principles, on the one hand and Marketing as the current practices, preferences and self-interests of those involved in the field.

In our CBET vocabulary, a competency is set of skills, supporting knowledge and attitudes which are required to complete a task successfully. We further define the concept of workplace competency which is a skill or set of skills, supporting knowledge and attitudes which are required to complete a job in a workplace setting.

CBET, as a paradigm, foregrounds and emphasizes skills while requiring the possession of the appropriate enabling background knowledge. Our training and certification programmes follow this model.